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Many self storage centers only hold occasional auctions to let a number of default renters build up for a multiple sale. There is growing craze of storage auctions UK in England and many other places. “Auction information is spread across thousands of websites, making it difficult for a newcomer to know where to find up to date schedules.” Storage Treasures president Lance Watkins said. “We are ramping up our efforts to bring more and more auctions in to a single site so that first-timer can find as many nearby auctions as possible, and have the best chance at success in the auction hunting business.” Self storage centers can house a multitude of treasures. Auctions like storage auctions UK have revealed valuables like coins and currency, gold, jewelry, and fine silver packed away in storage. Serious collectors go from different storage auctions UK in search of special objects – one couple seek out colonial-era handmade weather vanes. A single item, rusted and bent from the elements dating back to the late 18th century could be worth in excess of $20,000. The contents of an unwanted storage room atstorage auctions UK can go for a few dollars and buyers are relying on their luck to find something of value. Thus Space Station helps with best storage solutions at affordable rates.